To Whom it May Concern, Tales from The Lost Archives 001 [MaWa Records]

Sunday, October 24, 2021

@ 6:47 PM


So it's a foggy Sunday evening, pain has hardened quite drastically; shadows all around the perimeter. It's not 'til the spliff is lit when the much awaited healing begins. No one understands, no one really understands...

The spine feels like it's been torn apart, howling like a fatigued wolf; with no energy whatsoever. Like an ancestral wound, a baggage inherited by the mistaken paths of some of my ancestors. The lineage goes far, farther away than even King David himself.

Balance has been surrounding my whereabouts in a very polite and kindly manner. That's why I've decided to answer a call for a higher purpose in life... creating, nurturing and blossoming "MaWa Records".-

"The Ghost" Digital Art x Jan Mario aka Warno Artsi aka John Regis (this humble servant)

MaWa Records is born after being diagnosed with NMO Disease, something similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) back in June 2021. After the sad news I decided to quit my eleven (11) years job in the corporate / finance world based @ Dominican Republic, and moved with my family to New Jersey. Why? For children's education and treat the poor/bad medical condition I'm into 24/7, my friend.

It sucks big time, I know, but somehow Cannabis helps tremendously with pain management, lost of vision, vomit/nausea, and the ancestral fatigue I previously mentioned in the beginning. Those along with the resulting epilepsy of the sudden unannounced attacks, which by the way are very difficult to handle, specially when in complete solitude.

MaWa Records = strength, love, hope, wisdom, empathy, collaboration, intelligence, etcetera.

"Sol's Equilibrium" Digital Art x Jan Mario aka Warno Artsi aka John Regis (this humble servant)

Sometimes I feel like those eleven years were a dream; I was fast asleep, a silent robot with nothing real and honest to say, to express. Some other times I realize that the cause of those unfortunate events is the main fuel, the muse, my muse and inspiration, in order to be able to focus mind, body and spirit to: MaWa Records.-

Suddenly, it all became so obvious; the moment I started following the light again, my original path again, music... yet again... energy, further most. Transmutation as a constant discipline to achieve awareness and balance.

"Shadows and Light w/ Peace Sign" Photograph x Jan Mario aka Warno Artsi aka John Regis (this humble servant)

MaWa Records will start as a blog for now. I'll be storytelling, making music, throwing live performances, etc. Feel free to join me upon this quest for knowledge, insight and creativity... only if you resonate with the content and ideas expressed here at

That's all for now folks. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Jan Mario Reyes

CEO, MaWa Records

+1 (786) 695-0243

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