Tales from The Lost Archives 002 [MaWa Records]

Oct. 28, 2021

Oakhurst, NJ

10:02 PM

Greetings binary codes!

Hoping this brief moment finds all of you very well. Kinda cold here today, listening to Erased Tapes Essentials on Apple Music now.

So it's official, MaWa Records LTD is now Registered in the State of New Jersey! Satisfaction, joy and gratefulness - for the small little steps my soul's project has been gathering into completion - are the first three words risen to my holographic mind's screening, when the thought drives by.

"Holographic Mind's Screening w/ MaWa" Digital Artwork x Jan Mario aka Warno Artsi aka John Regis (this humble servant)

The following video was a very spiritual and overwhelming experience -in a profound and positive sense- I had today, connecting and being an extension of nature, different and the same, feeling their presence as if they were welcoming me to their neighborhood; like Kings. Oh, their pose, their innocence, their perceived sageness, glancing upon organic wilderness.

"The 3 Deer Kings" Short Clip x Jan Mario aka Warno Artsi aka John Regis (this humble servant)

Well, family duties call, that's all for now folks. Thank you!

Yours truly,

Jan Mario Reyes

Founder & CEO

MaWa Records LTD


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