#ideas | Being Free (Freestyler, the Rebel)

You can feel a smooth dance amongst letters

The spine feels loose, similar to the lacking bones of a goose.

Pack-woods in my arsenal, having a blast

Tortoise while Polka Dots, yum yum…

Mood swings (standby mofo)

Stay away from low energies

And the dance goes on… the dance goes on…

Upon cycles’ restart, the dance still goes on.

There’s an explosive tree outside my house; It’s some kind of fluorescent and subtle red/orange/yellowish-leaves kinda tree, with a robust brown young trunk.

I might also say, there’s a quite electrifying, distinguished and elegant crown covering its… Aura? Man, it’s bursting up into flames like a Lion! Like some type of divine extraterrestrial being, like God.

“MaWa’s Tree, Sucked into Another Dimension”

A few minutes after such magnificent enlightenment, I walk, slowly, like a wave, supporting limp's stiffness with my loyal strong friend, The Cane 👨🏻‍🦯

Then, I walk, very slowly, to the backyard. Scenario changes dramatically, like a sci-fi movie in virtual reality. All of a sudden a portal starts to open up, way up! high in the sky!

Clouds started forming an eye-like figure, and some sort of annoying fixed spot, an unremovable stain, commenced spying over Mother Earth's Sacred Elements, right in the middle, center-point of the momentum. An intruder? Or a friend? I choose option two.

“Guarded Portals”

It's good to be alive, my friend. Back then, not that long ago, when I was a robot, I had "means" handled with counterproductive behavior.

Not The Spirit though; before, it was pure plastic, wannabe X Y, superficial, with a huge lack of soul.

Finally, I ended up things @ Broadway Station Astoria NYC.

That's all for now folks. Thank you.

Yours truly,



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