Being x MaWa

Balance brings Hope-to-Reality; MaWa, being Equation’s Endpoint, Heals Ancient Wounds, opening Heavenly-like Portals to the Public. They glance upon horizon as if it’s the end, nor do they know, my friends, it’s just the beginning.

Those Portals are knowledge carriers, lacking traditional human known intelligence though; only function with “Gut Perception” aka Intuition, Primal Instincts, Alchemy. They’re poorly-known, Ancient Sages, camouflaging their way, and, existing between, sounds of Thunder!

A couple minutes later, the most profound, sweet, and ethereal melody, crossed my being’s ways, with sounds of the most soulful and elevated frequencies, happening all around, reverberating throughout the walls of galaxies, to infinity, or who even really knows… where? Laughs. Those sounds were coming from thin air man, they were warm and nostalgic, performed by Harpist icons, such as, Dorothy Ashby, or, Mary Lattimore, if It may be exemplified.

Then, MaWa starts to realize… we’re all artists in some ways. Wait, someone already said that -yeah, I just said it- difference radiates in some, nurturing the vein, others, practicing ignorance’s sect blinding lifetime blur, disrupting all harmonious possibilities, living inside our quantum world; and crossing through Universe’s Natural Path of Existence.

MaWa is Freedom from Mental Slavery, as the Legendary Bob Marley would say. Being nothing but a humble Message Carrier, like Amazon, or Google -only thing is- this time, the message’s for The Soul.-

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