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Welcome to the World of Healing. No negative vibrations allowed here. This is a sacred space, and should be treated with Respect.

Having this said, as disclaimer, before ignition, I hereby introduce you to "Albums For Healing"; an intuitive series of writings, depicting Albums, EPs, LPs, Singles, etcetera and surgically dissecting them into Words and Letters; those carefully selected Works of Art, detailed as ear poetry, in the form of Musical notes, rhythms, and audible geometric symmetry, aligning in a subtle and lovingly manner, have provided the most effective and evolving Healing, constantly, throughout all of thy Nervous System and Spinal Cord; they manage to slow-down the Electro-Shocks in the back almost to 81% less! More reliable than all Big Pharma Meds altogether: Music, Waveforms, Energy, Light, Ether, Vibrations, they all the same; if performed and recorded with Soul into Alignment with the Triad, it shows, it reflects, that natural light which I call Godin, as in, the God within; God inside (Godin, also named after my guitar).

With great pride and pleasure, I'm now going to start describing my perception of Album For Healing #1:

"Esja" by Hania Rani

Genre: Contemporary Era

Year: 2019

Label: Gondwana Records


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"Eden", besides being the first hypnotizing piece of Esja's enchantments, is also favorite, for us, the triad; mind, body, soul. When meditating with "Eden" as companion, the Reign of that which is Invisible, flourishes; everything's so Beautiful man! When listening to this wonderful creation... it's mind blowing! Mrs. Rani is a modern genius, that's my perception. Heck, you can even experience all 6 senses there, swimming in some kind of Celestial Oasis, at the Garden of Eden; such an interesting and powerful motif; specially when a type of heavy-lifting kind of Healing is demanded, in order to survive, the fiery beast of sickness, of darkness, of death. When artists portray Nostalgia in such a delicate and transcendental manner, geniuses are recognized, and fourthly, named admiration is felt, right in the core of Oneness.

Our journey continues with "Sun", an intergalactic expedition into Horus, the Light, the Alfa & Omega; a colorful Ball of Energy, Vibrating, in the form of Synesthesia, morphing and shapeshifting its relation to Pi, with exact, circular, proportions... it's getting bigger! Earth is now taking a leading role in the dance, children of the sun also take a stand. One can feel Hania Rani's peaceful desires in "Sun", maybe, that's why I see children, so joyful and happy in my vision; they are The Sun. Also, this time, instead of nostalgia, more hope is felt, creating a smooth equilibrium between these first two magical pieces of music.

The one note pulse-like repetition in "Hawaii Oslo" makes the piano be perceived as if it's Floating around the sound of spheres, "musica universalis" , best described by Pythagoras and Kepler as vibrations only grasped, and fully comprehended, by our Souls. This piece sounds like Math to me, some type of Creative Musical Math brought from a shell-like Fibonacci Sequence, like a perfect balance of polarities happening at every fraction of "time" amongst this remarkable attuning Energy; Healing Forces result, in the form of an Acupuncturist back massage; felt within each crescendo, inside, and all around cadenzas, as well; a symmetrical dance between Water, Air, Fire and Earth; a sweet symphony of spheres in equilibrium, is the main perception of this humble servant, when "Hawaii Oslo" is carefully listened to.

"Pour trois" is the perfect example of the aforementioned Triad's alignment with Mind, Body and Soul. A magistral composition, expressing how Nostalgia triggers thy Soul, transmuting that which is felt, into visionary synesthesia. All of it, while vibrating at higher dimensional Ether-like frequencies of the Invisible. "Pour trois" is a profound sage, a true Alchemist; if adding an Avatar to it, is permitted, it would be -in Mawa's Perception- "The Magician" archetype. Also, when meditation is performed upon this wonderful piece, Maia Sofia, my daughter, is deeply and lovingly felt around all of my bodies, demanding my presence there, with her, reading books, freedom at the beach, laughing, living, in colors...

The Children of the Sun are my Own: Nikola, Maia.

The Children of the Sun are my Own: Maia, Nikola.

We've now arrived at Esja's mysterious, middle, center-piece "Biesy".

Biesy (singular: bies) are a personification of all the undefined evil forces in the nature. Once they were placed amongst the most dangerous and the oldest demons in the central and eastern Europe. Their name is derived from Proto-Slavic *bĕsъ, coming from the Proto-Indo-European root *bboidh-, which meant “causing fear and terror”.

This is where my Tronco Arawak friend enters the equation; one of my most trusted guides in realms of the invisible. Symbolically, within, this piece is sort of an Inquisitor of Demons, casting them away from triad's awareness, just like Tronco Arawak, my friend, also known as Goliath, the Giant... that same one depicted in the Bible as being slayed by King David, from a metaphoric Triumph against all encountered life's obstacles, those co-habitant within one's path -summoning our Demons, our Shadows, our Fears- to later succeed them, after the Great Work is fulfilled, by mere animation/observation. There's a Natural Poetry of Trees

-taken from their own Mycelium- in "Biesy"; ancient teachings from branches and leaves, passed on from Old Norse Civilizations, directly to Master Rani, Odin's reincarnation? A Wise Sage, if you ask me, that's what she is.

"Luka"... Niko, my son, has a friend with that same name. It's also Esja's title #6:

"Luka". Lots of positive vibes are perceived here. Like a smooth summer breeze, circling around one's body, accompanied by Gaia's most refreshing drink: Water... that's how "Luka" is perceived. And all of it while hanging out with those you love; friends, family, the world. Microphone's capture is splendid too. One can, if surgically listened to, hear a sound in fragments of the track, similar to a typewriting machine -which is my computer- for this particular motif.

The next one, "Glass", is, debatable, our second favorite Esja's theme; however, could be also first. There's a type of cryptically codified message around its root. An image of Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man", ascending to the Divine, suddenly appears. Raindrops on glass follow; alongside Memories' Watchtower, a scene of me living in a car for 3 days enters the vision, finding peace inside the sound of those sweet raindrops bouncing on glass; at my back then white Mercedes car. Paradoxically, soothing nostalgia is felt with "Glass"; similar to the feeling one gets when a genuine "Thank you" is said. What an elegant and intriguing theme "Glass" is.

"Today It Came", in my opinion, agony and sorrow are very present in this song (what some call the blues); more "demons" fighting, if you ask me. One can't have the good without the bad. Instead of running away from that feeling, I decided to slowly Heal it, in a natural way, writing about it, as therapy.

Album's self title "Esja" is track #9; I deeply love the pulsating-skeleton impression here, similar to what Hania Rani does in "Hawaii Oslo"; the sound of spheres, yet again... Divinity.

The following was taken from Wikipedia:

Esja, in Icelandic called Esjan, which means "the Esja" (pronounced [ˈɛːsjan]), is a 914 m (2,999 ft) mountain situated in the south-west of Iceland, about 10 km to the north of Iceland's capital city Reykjavík.

Esja is not a single mountain, but a volcanic mountain range, made from basalt and tuff.

Now I understand much better! Those pulsations are recreating the movement of Magma in a magnificent, profound way! The sound of a genius, yet again, is here... Check it out!

"Now, Run" is Esja's Tenth and Final piece. The title says it all; time to shut up.

'Til next time friends!

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,


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