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Everyone here is part of The MaWa Family; our Beloved Creators, Artists, Musicians, Engineers, DJs, Producers, Songwriters, Singers, Poets, Painters, Designers, and Alike.

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The MaWa Family


Hand Mario

MaWa Records Ltd's Founder and CEO.

After an intense and serious Spiritual Awakening,

Jan Mario (given name) transitioned from being an

Insurance Businessman for over a Decade of his Life,

to being the Father and Creator of the MaWa Concept,

a Never Ending necessity of Knowing Oneself,

through Meditation and Ancient Wisdom,

Balancing all of Life's Branches like a true Alchemist,

for Greatness to Arise at the End Point of the Looping Cycle.

His passion for music started at 9,

with the Bass Guitar as first instrument, thanks to his uncle, a cool dude.

Iron Maiden was the first Band he fell in Love with; 311, Incubus and Bush followed. 

Those were the Golden Days, so many hours invested in sound exploration, without even knowing so.

Couple years later... Electronic and Synthetic sounds of Machines became part of his Tool Box;

DJ Vibrant was his back then Moniker


without even knowing what this would symbolize 20 years later.

When producing beats and melodies,

Jan Mario was the chosen name back then, his real one.

Now, while in God(in)'s Hand, after Awakened,

He channels "Lóa" (the Message) through Art and Music,

Utilizing his newly acquired Spiritual Pseudonym:

Hand Mario.-